Best Fishing Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Boards 2021

best inflatable fishing sup 2019

Stand-up paddle boards are an excellent platform for fishing that many are unaware of. Think about it for a moment, if you fish from the shore, you are tossing your line out quite far to reach your ideal spot. What if you could get out to your ideal spot and fish over it? Stand-up paddle

The Best Spinning Reels 2019

best spinning reels 2019

Fishing reels are an important part of any fishing rod and finding the best one to suit your fishing needs may be a challenge. There are a variety of fishing reels available for you to choose from but we make it easier for you. We have compiled the top 10 best fishing spinning reels of

SUP Fishing Tips: How to Fish From a Stand Up Paddle Board

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Stress is a major problem for most people. In fact, about 80 percent of the population feels that their stress levels keep going up each year. Finding ways to unwind is important and few things help more than hitting the water on a standup paddle board. Well, except for fishing from your paddle board. SUP

Best Spincast Reel 2019

best spincast reels 2019

If your fishing preferences are fishing for small to medium sized fish like bass and red fish, you will want to get the best spincast reel to make your experience a lot more enjoyable. We review the top 5 spincast reels of 2019 below, but first a little more information about these particular reels. The