Best SUP Gloves 2019

best sup paddle gloves 2019

Paddling gloves are a very good accessory for any SUPer to have no matter your experience level. Having gloves will allow you to enjoy what you do for much longer without having to worry about blisters and calluses. In this article, we will discuss 5 pairs of paddle gloves that are very good for stand

Best SUP Paddles 2019

Best SUP paddles 2018

If you are a stand-up paddle boarder, chances are you already own a paddle. Most SUPs of inflatable stand-up paddle boards come with a paddle when you purchase your board. Some paddles are usually simple adjustable paddles that make do if you are a beginner but can be under performing if you are seasoned SUPer.

Best Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories 2019

best sup isup accessories 2019

Stand-up paddle boarding is a great outdoor activity and has grown in popularity. With that, more and more fantastic accessories have become available for the SUP enthusiast. From leashes to deck bags to carry straps, there is everything to enhance your stand-up paddle board experience. In this article we are going to review the best

Aqua Marina Kool ISUP Fishing Cooler Review

Aqua Marina Kool Fishing iSUP Cooler Review

If you are looking for a cooler for your fishing iSUP, read our review of the Aqua Marina Kool Cooler to discover what makes this a great addition to your fishing trips. The Aqua Marina Kool is a good size cooler boasting a 29 ltr capacity. It is an excellent addition for your fishing inflatable stand-up