Best Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories 2019

Stand-up paddle boarding is a great outdoor activity and has grown in popularity. With that, more and more fantastic accessories have become available for the SUP enthusiast.

From leashes to deck bags to carry straps, there is everything to enhance your stand-up paddle board experience. In this article we are going to review the best SUP accessories of 2019 and give our recommendations by listing the top items for you.

Best Stand up Paddleboard Accessories 2019

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Most paddle boards will come with leashes, fins and maybe deck attachments as a package. This is great for starting out but as you enjoy SUPing more and more, there will come a point in time that you may either need to replace your current accessories due to wear and tear or you would like to upgrade them to something of more quality.

Having extra accessories are great if you planing a long excursion and would like to take a cooler with you with refreshments. We will cover all the above mentioned accessories and give you our recommendations and an overview of each in detail. Lets get started!

SUP Leashes

Leashes are a must whether it is for surfing, windsurfing or stand-up paddle boarding. It keeps you and your board together meaning that if you fall off your board while riding the waves, going down some rapids or just by loosing your balance, your board will not go a stray. The board is attached to you with a leash that is usually strapped around your ankle.


Paddle Board Bags

Stand up paddle board bags are a must have accessory. These are great for carrying your board and keeping it protected when not in use. Also makes it much easier to carry and you can keep some extra items in them as well.

We are going to break our recommendations into 2 categories: Standard SUPs and Inflatable SUPs paddle bags.

If you have an inflatable SUP and depending on the brand that you bought, you may have received a iSUP carry bag as part of the package. If not, then I highly recommend that you do get a carry bag / back pack for your inflatable stand-up paddle board. This is the best way to carry and store your iSUP.

Dry Bags

Dry bags are an essential accessory for any paddle boarder. Probably the best way to keep your belongings dry while out doing what you love and not have to worry that you might lose anything.

Dry bags are waterproof and come in various sizes from small 2 Ltr bags to large 90 Ltr bags. You will be able to keep your keys, wallet, electronics, clothes and more dry. Keep your essentials safe and dry. They are great for any outdoor activity as well as camping.

Best SUP Dry Bags

Deck Attachments

Deck attachments are really good for transporting coolers or deck bags. They are excellent for loading anything on your SUP that you may need or keep your paddle while you are chilling. Most iSUPs come with a bungee cord deck attachment but if you are in need of an upgrade or replacement, take a look at our recommended products.

SUP Deck Attachments

SUP Carry Straps

Carry straps are an excellent alternative to the paddle bag. This accessory make carry your SUP a breeze. They can be used for inflatable SUPs as well.

SUP carry straps adjust to any width board and they are comfortable around your shoulders and neck area without the strain. There are some that have a hip attachment t make carrying a little more easier than it is.

SUP Deck Bag

Deck bags are cool and a good alternative to dry pack bags. Deck bags can be attached to your paddle board with the pre-installed d-rings or using the bungee cord accessory for SUPs. The deck bags with cooler insert are neat as they are great for your favorite beverages and keeping snacks cool.

Depending on the size you can hold quite a bit in there without needing to carry it while SUPing. There are waterproof deck bags that will keep your valuables safe and dry.

Replacement Fins

Fins are an important part of your stand-up paddle board. These help with tracking and keeping your board going in the right direction. All SUPs and iSUPs either have one fin or three fins. The center fin is always the larger fin and if your paddle board has three fins, the two outer fins are a lot smaller.

There are performance fins that will improve your tracking for touring and racing and fins that help improve turning and maneuverability for wave riders and surfers.

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