Best Fishing Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Boards 2021

best inflatable fishing sup 2019

Stand-up paddle boards are an excellent platform for fishing that many are unaware of. Think about it for a moment, if you fish from the shore, you are tossing your line out quite far to reach your ideal spot. What if you could get out to your ideal spot and fish over it? Stand-up paddle

Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards 2021

best inflatable sup 2019

Stand up Paddle Boards are super cool and has become one of the fastest growing water sport in the past 6 years. Today we are going to look at the best iSUPs or inflatable stand up paddle boards that you can buy in 2021. The one thing that makes inflatable stand up paddle boards popular

Atoll Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard Review

This inflatable stand up paddleboard got top reviews from those that used it. An 11 foot board that is made from machine laminated dual layer PVC which makes it the strongest and lightest iSUP material available. The board weighs 19 pounds and is very easy to transport and store. With 14 D-rings available on the

Best Microfiber Sport Towels 2019

Best microfiber towels 2018

Microfiber towels have become a very popular sports towel for athletes, swimmers, yoga, fitness fanatics and now become the choice towel for travelers. Why is this? They are super absorbent, easy to travel with as they do not take up as much space a standard towel and can be wrung out leaving them dry in

The Best Spinning Reels 2019

best spinning reels 2019

Fishing reels are an important part of any fishing rod and finding the best one to suit your fishing needs may be a challenge. There are a variety of fishing reels available for you to choose from but we make it easier for you. We have compiled the top 10 best fishing spinning reels of

Best Foldable Mountain Bikes 2019

best foldable mountain bike 2018

If you enjoy mountain biking but do not have the means to transport your bike, you may want to look into a folding bicycle. We have the best foldable mountain bikes of 2018 listed here based on customer feedback and reviews. Foldable bikes are very convenient if you have a small car. This will make

Aqua Marina Kool ISUP Fishing Cooler Review

Aqua Marina Kool Fishing iSUP Cooler Review

If you are looking for a cooler for your fishing iSUP, read our review of the Aqua Marina Kool Cooler to discover what makes this a great addition to your fishing trips. The Aqua Marina Kool is a good size cooler boasting a 29 ltr capacity. It is an excellent addition for your fishing inflatable stand-up