Aqua Marina Kool ISUP Fishing Cooler Review

If you are looking for a cooler for your fishing iSUP, read our review of the Aqua Marina Kool Cooler to discover what makes this a great addition to your fishing trips.

The Aqua Marina Kool is a good size cooler boasting a 29 ltr capacity. It is an excellent addition for your fishing inflatable stand-up paddle board. With an 8 hour storage holding capacity time, you will be well equipped for your fishing excursions.

The one feature that we really like about this cooler is the high back seat support with EVA soft pad. The pad is very comfortable and holds its form well. This cooler has quick access lid in front of the seat so that you can place your catch into the cooler without getting up each time and opening the main lid. This helps hold the coolness much longer.

The Aqua Marina Kool comes with a carry strap to make transport easy.


  • High back seat with EVA soft pad
  • Storage time of 8 hours
  • Carry strap included
  • Compatible with Aqua Marina products of Drift and Betta VT
  • ABS/PP outer case, EPS foam insulation


    • Length: 24 inches
    • Width: 12.6 inches
    • Height: 13.4 inches
    • Weight: 13 pounds

We found this cooler to be well built and solid. It is convenient and easy to carry and gives you seating while you fish. There is also a small compartment under the seat with dividers that can be used as a tackle box. It is highly recommended for any fishing fan who uses a stand-up paddle board.

Aqua Marina and a fantastic company that manufactures very good products that last. If you are shopping for a cooler for your iSUP, the Aqua Marina Kool will do very nicely.

Aqua Marina Kool on iSUP

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