Paddling for Your Health: The Top Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

It’s just you and the water.

Few things are more enjoyable than being able to swim in or be around the ocean or other bodies of water. The feeling of being in harmony with the water is both calming and empowering for you.

Paddle boarding allows you to float on the water’s surface in a way unlike other water activity allows you to do. Aside from being fun and relaxing, it provides plenty of health benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Paddle Boarding: Stand Up for Your Health

The human body is not designed to live a sedentary lifestyle. When we are moving and learning new skills, our bodies are benefiting physically, mentally, and even spiritually.

Mastering paddleboards is an attainable goal for anyone, and you may be surprised how it affects other aspects of your life. After maybe trying one or two paddle board rentals, you will undoubtedly want to own one.

Here are 10 of the most important ways it can positively impact your health.

1. Improve Your Balance

Proprioception refers to your ability to sense your own body’s position as you move. It is essential in order to maintain balance and have coordination.

The more we challenge our bodies to maintain balance, the more we develop this “six sense”.

2. Stress Relief

Have you ever seen an angry person on a paddleboard? Of course not.

Working out and being around water has a soothing effect on us. It helps us momentarily put our daily problems into perspective in order to let us enjoy the serenity of being in the moment.

Stress is a major contributor to high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression. It is so important not to overlook the importance of reducing stress in our lives.

3. Cardiovascular Health

Like all exercise, if done right, paddle boarding is an excellent way to reduce your cardiovascular risk. This may lower your chances of developing a condition that can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

4. Endurance Training

You may think that it is nothing more than just standing there. Although it may look really easy, you can push yourself as much as you want.

When you begin this sport you may feel that you are somewhat limited by how far you can paddle due to tiredness.

After a few outings, you will notice a boost in your endurance and stamina. This can positively affect your life when performing other activities and jobs.

5. Core Strength

This sport requires the use of many different muscle groups, including the abdominal and other core muscles. These muscles will be constantly in work while paddling.

Working these muscle groups can improve your capacity to work with other muscle groups. Also, your posture will be improved from working out your back muscles.

You’ll be feeling and looking great.

6. Love Leg Day Again

The legs are certainly not getting spared. You no longer have to worry about remembering to do leg day because paddle boarding requires you to work your quads and calf muscles to maintain your balance.

This is a great way to shape your legs and improve their strength at the same time.

7. Nurture Your Knees

Using an inflatable stand up paddle board is considered a low impact workout. It is perfect for people who want to exercise without the harmful effects of the wear-and-tear that accompany activities such as running and participating in contact sports.

8. Do Something For Your Back Pain

Back pain is among the most common medical complaints throughout the world. There are very few people who can say that have not experienced it at some point in their lives.

This leads to loss of quality of life for many people who suffer from this problem. The amount of over-the-counter and prescription drugs taken for back pain is incalculable.

Exercising your back muscle is a natural and effective way to relieve pain for many people with sore backs. Paddleboarding is a great, low impact method to help rid yourself of back pain.

9. Weight Loss

This is a great way to shed a few extra pounds while still having a good time. If burning calories is your goal, forget the treadmill and google “paddle boarding near me” right now.

This is a great way to help you attain your personal fitness and health goals.

10. Take In The Rays

There is a really high chance that if you are out on the water, you are going to be taking in a good amount of sun. This can do wonders for your mood.

Also, sunlight is essential for vitamin D metabolism. Your bones will appreciate it in more ways than one.

Don’t forget to use sunblock to protect your skin from the harmful effects of getting too much ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

How to Get Started

This is something that people of all ages and skill levels can get into and enjoy. If you are not experienced in surfing or other outdoor watersports, you may think this is a little daunting.

The truth is, paddleboarding is extremely fun and is easy to start. All you need is a board, a paddle, some water, and a little motivation for new experiences.

You will that once you get more interested in this hobby, there are all sorts of gear you can use to get the most of your experience. There is really no excuse not to get started.

paddle boarding for your health

Get Out There And Get Paddling

Paddle boarding is one of the fastest-growing water activities in the United States and around the world. People are realizing that not only is it really fun and relaxing, but the health benefits from just getting out on the paddleboard are invaluable.

You can get in the best shape of your life and improve your physical and mental health.

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