Best Foldable Mountain Bikes 2019

If you enjoy mountain biking but do not have the means to transport your bike, you may want to look into a folding bicycle. We have the best foldable mountain bikes of 2018 listed here based on customer feedback and reviews.

Foldable bikes are very convenient if you have a small car. This will make transporting them much more easier and there will be no need to invest in adding any tow bars to your vehicle. This will also save you money in buying a bike rack that attaches to a tow bar or one that you will need roof racks for.

You just want to do what you love doing and that is mountain biking. It is quite the investment to buy the various bike racks and attachments. By the time you done buying all that is need, you will not have much money to buy a decent mountain bike.

Folding mountain bikes are very practical as you can just fold them up and fit them in the trunk of your car. This takes up a lot less place. Some may think that a folding bike is much weaker than a regular standard. Albeit that there is a folding mechanism meaning extra hardware, the durability and strength of foldables are very good these days.

You could either invest in a cheap mountain bike and but with the chance of them being more fragile and breaking down or invest in a high end bike that will last you much longer.

Customer review

This bike is better than I imagined. It took about 5 minutes out of the box to get the bike ready to ride; only needed to secure handle bars, pedals, and front tire. Suspension feels great and the gears shift very smoothly. I am very impressed with this bike. Well worth the price tag! Source: Amazon

You will get the same amount of enjoyment out of a folding bike just as you would with regular standard bike. It will save you a lot on buying all the equipment and attachments needed to get out to the mountains.

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