What To Wear Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding is such a thrilling and mind-blowing sport. Are you planning to have some enjoyable time on the water? Well, despite the weather you should have the best experience. Then, the question pops in, what is the ideal attire to wear? Which is the comfiest stand up paddle boarding clothes? There is a hefty array of choices in the market.

But, how do you boil down to the optimum ones? Don’t develop any jitters because this article is for you. Let’s delve into what to wear paddle boarding.

Attire during summer

This is the best time to get out there and have fun. Here, you will need some light clothes. In essence, you can get some vitamin D too. Have a look at the perfect garments for sunny days.

Swim Shirts

You will stand out in one of the colorful swim shirts. Better still, you can go for the neutral colors. A printed one is available if you adore prints. All the same, you will look incredibly gorgeous in them. The highlight of the products is that they are available for both men and women. You can have maximum protection from UV rays.

The swim shirts have about UPF 50+ shield from harmful sunlight. This way, you won’t go back with roasted skin or terrible sunburns. They are long-sleeved to buffer your arms against too much sun.

What’s more, swim shirts are comfy and lightweight. You will not have a strenuous time putting them on. If you decide to make the fun a notch higher to swim, they dry up pretty fast. For this reason, you can create awesome memories seamlessly.

Board Shorts

Don’t shy off from showing off your legs. Board shorts are the in-thing for paddlers. When it’s warm, why not try them on? You will not regret wearing shorts. In fact, you will grow fond of them every minute. How about some blue board shorts? They are utterly comfortable.

If you love fashion, then the shorts will have to look stunning. Need I mention that you can swim in them? They can dry up as you continue paddling. This tops up the amazing things; about the optimal gear for stand up paddle boarding.

Tank Top

Designed for women, it comes in magnificent colors. Among them are; cherry red, azalea, black, navy and sport grey. It has some fascinating initials on them which can be tailor-made. They read “I don’t walk on water but it’s close” The ink won’t come easily because it is eco-friendly.

They are made to give you enough room to breathe under the scorching sun. They are also comfy to wear and they can last you a life span.


A hat is a thing of class and elegance. Why not try one to look astonishingly better in the water? For women, you can consider a Victoria hat which is just meticulously alluring. Not only will it accentuate your beauty, but it will protect you from the sun. It has this sporty look that will melt your heart. Also, you can fold the hat as it conforms to a flat shape.

For the men, a designer hat will also bring out a superb look. Take for example a denim baseball cap. Cool right? It is the prime gear for stand up paddle boarding. It adds to your fashion sense as well. The colors are also in abundance for you to pick. You can choose from red, royal blue, black, and asphalt. They are extremely bona fide and trendy.


You can accessorize the attire with a pair of sunglasses. What if they come off and fall into the water? This should be the least of your worries. The sunglasses are equipped with a strap to keep them in place.

You can have a relaxing time as they will not move an inch. You will have a clear view of the lake. You will have taken care of your precious eyes too. Additionally, you will have a breath-taking look.

Clothing for Cold Seasons

Even though the weather is chilly, you can make the best out of it. Don’t stay indoors and get all mushy for no reason. Just ensure that the temperatures are not less than 70 degrees. We don’t want you to freeze, this can be catastrophic. Thus, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Perhaps, you can confirm the temperature before you step out. Have a glance at the stand up paddle boarding clothes for bitterly cold times.


They are unrivalled ways of beating the frosty weather. Wetsuits are suitable for both men and ladies. You can decide to get a full suit which is excellent gear. Alternatively, the pants can generate the warmth you direly need. How dose this work? Wetsuits are made of thick neoprene to keep you warm. The layer wards off any cold which virtually benefits you.

To get an incomparable experience, get a fitting wetsuit. Don’t try loose one since it will permit cold inside your body. Neither, should you put on a tight one. The one that comes into direct contact with your skin is absolutely the catch. You will feel all warm and cozy with a comfy wetsuit.


Stylish and warm jackets come in handy when it’s freezing outside. Ladies can have a sophisticated look and be warm at the same time. Be on the look for jackets that have neoprene padding. They are the warmest on this planet.

Men can also rock jackets and ooze an aesthetic look. In this case, the waterproof ones are great for outdoors. The jacket with a zipper on the front is an excellent pick. You can wear it with sheer simplicity.

Life Vest

This is a crucial segment in what to wear paddle boarding. Apart from giving you adequate warmth, it is safety gear. During the cold season, it can warm up your chest. If you need to get into the water, it drains it all afterward. This way, you don’t have to remain wet. You will be pleased to hear that it comes with a whistle. In case you see a looming danger, blow it for aid.


You don’t need ice-cold hands in the lake. You won’t even paddle in peace as it will turn to an uphill task. With numb hands, you will have a difficult and punishing time. On that account, you need tough gloves to trump over the weather. With neoprene, you are sure of great warmth. Click here to read about our best paddling gloves.

Bottom Line

Consequently, paddlers require the right clothing according to the weather. The guide will give you a clue on what to wear paddle boarding. If you are a newbie or a professional, protective garment is vital. Cover yourself when the cold is biting.

Also, take care of your skin when the sun is unbearable. The clothes collection will serve you accordingly. Now that you have all the information, enjoy surfing.


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